Eight is Great

 I approached the time for radiation therapy in a medical milieu of 3 surgeries within 9 months, radiation therapy for thyroid cancer, a bout of covid, and androgen suppression therapy which weakened me both physically and mentally. Anticipation was that the ensuing 9 weeks of radiation would be very difficult and the projected side effects would take a significant toll.

I now have 8 days of treatment to go. My Doctor has observed that the side effects have been very minimal, and I should rebound from all this relatively quickly. My friends have continually observed that I have been in good spirits. While there was a degree of mental fogginess at the beginning, my mind feels much clearer and I am able to study scripture, connect abstract thoughts, and two Sundays ago I was able to preach in a way that was profitable to the hearers and a joy to me as I felt comfortable with the mechanics of the presentation and joy on the enabling of God. I still do make run on sentences, but I am working on that.

It was observed that many people have been praying and that God has answered these prayers in a powerful way. That is so true. There were so many things that could have been bad these past days. Reasonable expectations were dark days with discomfort and difficulties. Instead, Karen and I have thrived, enjoying each other, and God and all His provisions.

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Anonymous · May 14, 2021 at 12:48 pm

so good to hear your positive report. Praying God will keep you and Karen close and comfort and strengthen you both. -Dave Way

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