Our mission statement is “To help churches in the U.S. provide their Muslim neighbors with an opportunity to hear the Gospel.”

The philosophy of Bridges Option is that we do not want to see ministry restricted by lack of funds. We do not sell any of our material, but we do let you know what our costs are and we are happy if you can reimburse us. We make every effort to keep the costs at a minimum through negotiation, bulk purchase, and doing the work in-house. If you are not able to reimburse us for our full costs, that is fine if you are using the material for spreading the Gospel. If you are able to contribute more than our cost, that helps us provide materials to those with more limited funds.

Any of this material may be printed for your own use. Bulk copies can be obtained from The Bridges Option for a donation helping to cover costs and shipping. We can also personalize it with your own contact details.

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Booklets, Tracts, and Books

The Next Big Change

I recently wrote a little booklet for my grandchildren explaining death. I was challenged to make it appropriate for a larger audience, so after a lot of tweaking, I have come to something I am satisfied with. My goal was to use a simple analogy to diffuse the fear and anxiety children often have regarding death. Also, parents sometimes have a reluctance to or uncertainty about how to discuss the idea in a sensitive way. I  hope this is simple enough to help even young children, but also deep enough to provoke good discussions with older ones. The bigger goal is to help them see that the Gospel is our biggest and only hope in the face of death.

Once I Was a Stranger, but Now I Am a Child of God This introduces the basis for our concern for hospitality.

Once I Was a Stranger, but Now I Am a Part of a Family Part Two develops the idea of hospitality as a vital part of our Christian experience.

Once I Was a Stranger, but Now I Can Reach Out to the Stranger in Our Society

Once I Was a Stranger, but Now I Know What I Can Do

Helpful Links

These are links to useful and interesting sites. The Bridges Option does not agree with or endorse everything contained in them.

To find Islamic Mosques and Organizations

Muslim Guide This seems to be very comprehensive as to the types of businesses, services, schools, etc. that it will list.

Salatomatic This locates mosques, prayer rooms, restaurants, and halal markets, by zip code or location.

Islamic Finder Lists locations, news, provides times of prayer

Zabihah “The original and world’s largest guide to Halal restaurants & markets”

Islamic Websites

Islamic Information A website featuring the work of Shabir Ally, one of the leading Muslim voices in interfaith dialogue

Answering Christianity This site makes a relatively aggressive presentation against Christianity

Christian Websites

Answering Islam A very comprehensive site addressing a wide range of topics

Debate.org.uk The Christian response to the Muslim debate

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry A pretty balanced approach dealing with a wide range of topics. Islam issues are just one of the many useful sections.

Jesus for Muslims A useful ministry in the New York / North Jersey area

Crescent Project Crescent Project’s mission is to inspire, equip, and serve the church to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Christ for the Glory of God. It is our vision to see a day when fear is replaced with love and millions of Christians are actively sharing the truth of Christ with millions of Muslims for the glory of God. We do this through prayer, training, local outreach, and short-term trips. Crescent Project provides the training DVDs that The Bridges Option uses.

Study Guide for DVD Series study guide book

Horizons International Horizons International exists to communicate and demonstrate the love of Jesus so that the world, particularly the Muslim world, would be transformed by God’s love and forgiveness, by proclaiming the Gospel, discipling the nations, and equipping the church. 

BFC Board of Missions

Prayer Challenges

Praying through Ramadan This feature from Open Doors USA helps us pray for the Muslims during Ramadan. The site specializes in support of persecuted Christians.

Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer This site provides short bios of known terrorists. There are also sections challenging us concerning prayer, even for those we fear or don’t like.

Pray for ISIS provides a guided 30-day prayer experience.

Praying For Muslims This year-long prayer guide provides a weekly challenge, prayer, and appropriate Scripture promise.

Booklets for Christian Study

Presentations at Crescent Project Annual Conference 2016

Other Presentations and Helpful Literature

Study Guide for DVD Series a study guide to be used with a 6-part DVD training series on meeting, developing relationships, and talking to Muslims about your faith

A Catechism for Children This is a simple but profound tool for teaching doctrine to children and new believers.

An Examination of the Fall and Its Effects This booklet contains the Muslim and Christian presentations made at an MBU on “The Fall of Adam and Its Effects on Mankind.”

Hijab & Halal — A Look Into Islamic Culture for Western Women  This is the companion booklet to Karen’s seminar on relating to Muslim women in your community.

Can We Trust the New Testament? A study providing arguments for the trustworthiness of the New Testament, looking at canonicity and textual arguments.

Was the Injil Changed at Nicea and How Was the New Testament Canonized?

A Quick Reference for Common Questions When you are asked an important question but your response has to take less than a minute.

Discovery Lessons Bible study for use with new converts or serious seekers

A Christian’s Guide to Islam is a summary of Islamic doctrine that is useful to better understand your Muslim friends. This is not an exhaustive treatment of Islamic doctrine, nor will every Muslim believe exactly this way. Islam is a religion with great diversity.

How Can Jesus Be God and Man? – John Piper helps to understand this topic. This uses lots of Christian terms and concepts and is thus more useful for a believer.

Reaching Out to Your Muslim Friends Suggestions on how to develop a relationship where it is natural to talk about your faith.

Meetings for Better Understanding A guidebook on the hows and whys of organizing a “Meeting for Better Understanding”

Sharing the Gospel

The Bridges Option An introductory pamphlet on the ministry of The Bridges Option

What Is the Doctrine of the Trinity? John Piper gives instruction to Christians on understanding the Trinity.

Dating a Muslim This tract is for Christian young people and their parents, and brings perspectives on the dating issue.

Greece Missions Trip Report

Booklets for Study and Distribution

A Christian Perspective on the Character of God This is based on a talk by Pastor Tim Schmoyer at an MBU his church recently hosted

Tawhid the Oneness of God in 3 The unity and trinity of God

The Answer Is God This is the same text as the tract but in a format that is easier to study.

Idu ‘l-Azha and the Origins of Sacrifice The sacrifice of Abraham’s son and the Muslim celebration of Eid

God Has No Wife deals with some false views of the Trinity.

The History of the Quran and the Injil A short introduction to textual studies regarding the Quran and the Bible

Is Jesus God? addresses problems and objections raised by Muslims.

But Wasn’t Jesus a Muslim?

The Night of Power The most important night during Ramadan, when Muslims are hoping to hear from God

Should Muslims Read the Tawrat, Zabur, and the Injil? The Torah, the Psalms, and the Gospels — Not only does the Quran allow Muslims to read these, it encourages them.

What Does Christmas Mean to Christians?


Thoughts About Refugees, Terrorists, and Other Threats to Our Way of Life!

God Is

The Angel Gabriel Brought Glad Tidings to Mary of a Holy Son Christmas theme

The Answer Is God  Excellent tract for anyone who thinks Jesus never claimed to be God

Are the United States and Other Western Countries Christian? This is a good, quick-reading tract addressing a common misunderstanding and opening the way for dialog.

The Birth of Jesus in the Quran and the Bible Christmas theme

What Did Adam Do Wrong? deals with the issue of original sin.

The Great Sacrifice

Who Was on the Cross?

Who is al Masih? What does it mean to say Jesus is the Messiah?

What Is God Like?


30 Days of Prayer For the Muslim World  This is an endeavor of Christians around the world to unite in prayer for the Muslim world during the month of Ramadan. It is new each year and provides daily insights into the situations in various countries, help with understanding the condition of Christians in Muslim countries, and instruction and resources to help you understand Islam and better minister to Muslim friends. In 2014, Bridges Option distributed 500 copies, and in 2015, we increased to 700 copies. Our goal for 2016 was 1,000 copies but the Lord enabled us to distribute 1,800 copies. By buying these in bulk and distributing them to churches, we can offer them at a significantly lower price than the church would receive if they ordered them directly from the publisher. Because of travel commitments, we were unable to provide this service in 2017. In 2018, we were able to provide 2,007 prayer guides to churches and individuals. In 2019, we were able to distribute 2,000 copies again. Because of health issues, we decided not to do a bulk order for 2020 or 2021.

Engaging Islam Georges Houssney, the director of Horizons, has written an excellent book to guide Christians on how to intelligently and lovingly approach Muslim contacts with the Gospel. We no longer stock this, but I highly recommend it.

Ready Always is a collection of The Bridges Option booklets and tracts, as well as previously unpublished writings of John Elias. This 250-page book costs $12.50 to produce.