June 12

The only thing certain is…?

Well, things had been quiet for a while on the medical front. That is, no radiation, Doctors visits, or blood lettings (known as blood tests). But, things change.

 Today I had my one-month post radiation blood test. The results were acceptable. I also received the interpretation of genetic testing which indicated that without Androgen Deprivation Therapy I will have a statistically significant possibility of seeing the cancer reoccur within the next ten years. The Doctor would like to resume the ADT within two weeks for two more years.

If you recall, the ADT had a tremendously negative effect on my functioning, health, and initiative. As Karen and I discussed this development we came to an agreement on these points:

1.    We have acted responsibly in the surgeries for thyroid cancer;

2.    We complied with medical advice for radiation and one dose of ADT;

3.    If I do nothing, there is a chanceof the thyroid cancer reoccurring and leading to a painful death;

4.    If I do not have the ADT, there is a chanceof the prostate cancer reoccurring and leading to a painful death;

5.    If I have two years of ADT, there is the certainty of having a painful and miserable life and no guarantee as to its effectiveness in slowing down cancer;

6.    We feel we are acting responsibly in not having the ADT and we rely on the Biblical truths expressed so well by JC Ryle- “All the powers of the world cannot take away my life, until God permits. All the physicians of earth cannot preserve it when God calls me home.

7.    We marveled at how God sustained us and gave us needed grace and strength as we began this journey last year. We have also seen how He has used this all to challenge, comfort, and encourage others going through trials. We accept what He has for us next and anticipate learning more of His power and seeing how He uses this in our lives and others.

8.    Whether one is dealing with cancer or not, life is uncertain, it is a gift, and a privilege and responsibility to use it wisely in loving God and others.