24 Down, my how time flies

Today we have completed our 24th radiation treatment. That means there are only 20 more to go. Another way of thinking is that it is  just four more weeks. As time has progressed the side effects have begun to show up more. By Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I began to have pretty bad backaches and stomach pains. Fortunately, over the weekends I recover, and we start each Monday fresh and new. But we are not going back to where we were because each week sees more of the cancer destroyed and we are further on the road to healing and recovery. It strikes me that this is a lot like life. God purposes for us to sometimes go through very difficult things. He sustains us even though the times might be painful, and He brings us through. But we don’t go back to being the way we were, for we have seen demonstrations of God’s grace, mercy, and faithfulness. As He brings us through those difficulties we grow in our dependence and trust of Him. It also makes me think of those road signs we used to see on Pennsylvania highways when they were doing construction. ‘Temporary inconvenience, permanent improvement’. But when it is God doing the reconstruction, it is a lot more lasting and significant.

I was happy to talk with the doctor the other day and to hear that he is happy with my progress through the treatment. He also observed that all the discomforts that I am feeling are only normal side effects and are really minimal compared to what they could be. This gives him encouragement that after the radiation is over, a lot of the distresses that my body has been feeling will gradually go away, most likely within a month. It will be nice to be able to live my life not always concerned about where the closest bathroom is and being able to go back to normal eating habits. It will be exciting to see what God’s next phase of improving me will bring.