One down, 43 to go

Today was the first day of radiation. Things went very smoothly end quickly. It is probably just my imagination, but I feel a little queasy down in the area of the X Ray but not any really big problem. The only disappointment that I could have about the process is that it is so quick and easy. I had thought that I might have 44 days of getting to know nurses and other patients and being able to talk to them about hope. But all the technicians sit in another room and one nurse adjust me on the table and then she leaves. There is no opportunity to even meet other patients in the waiting room. On the positive side I am in by 8:30 and out before 9 so I have the whole rest of the day to do things.

Friday was much different than today. Besides a 30 degree difference in the temperature which made it nice and balmy, I was there in the afternoon for a preliminary visit. When I was leaving in the elevator there was an older couple coming down from the second floor which is where they do chemotherapy. We started to chat a little bit and the man, remarking about the nice weather said, ‘Today is a godsend’. I remarked that for those of us having treatment in the Cancer Center every day is a Godsend. There was a moment of quietness as they reflected on that and they then said thank you and goodbye as the elevator reached the ground floor. I probably will never see them again, but I pray for them as I remember them. It was just a little comment, but it put a different perspective in their thinking, and I can only hope that it might be just one little piece that God will use in bringing them to find peace and hope in Jesus.