One Quick Update

Well I am officially past the time where I have to be isolated because of covid. I would like to say that I am full of vim and vigor and back to normal. However, that is not the case I am still very tired. During the one week I lost over 15 pounds and I find myself still sleeping quite a bit. The fog is still there and while I might have good intentions of doing things, carrying them out is very slow.

I find myself very frustrated, so far we’ve gotten over 18 inches of snow and I am not able to go out and play in it with my snow blower. Under normal conditions I would have been out twice already and been up and down and around our block. It has been encouraging though, one neighbor told Karen and I not to worry about clearing snow at all and they would take care of everything for us. Another neighbor noticed Karen outside playing in the snow and sent me a note asking if everything was OK because he hadn’t seen me. They have offered to help in any way including bringing meals over to us. It is hard being on the receiving end of kindnesses from others. We are the ones who like to do things to help others and now we find or at least I find myself greatly limited. It is probably an important lesson for me to learn. I am not sure what the lesson is though.

One of the little side effects of the covid is that all of the medical procedures that had been scheduled have been cancelled and have to be rescheduled. So, I don’t know when the procedure for the spacer or gold markers is going to be nor do I know when radiation therapy will start.