Some thoughts come late at night

It is about midnight. We had a real good time at Thanksgiving dinner today. Only two couples were able to attend but that worked out well For eating the women were downstairs and men upstairs. That allowed for some real in depth conversations regarding all aspects of our lives: jobs, covid, housing decisions, family issues, and faith. I had a real good opportunity to update them on cancer situation and talk about faith, real hope, and intimacy with God. There were also 5 young children; the ladies were amazed that they would let me hold them and when one little girl was crying I went out and held my arms out to her and she came running into them. It is neat to be embraced as part of their family and it gives real power too when I talk about faith. They are not a project or ministry, they are the object of our love.

I woke up today stiff and achy and hobbled around all morning. I was distracted from the discomfort by our friends, but when they left and we started to relax it came back with a vengeance. Karen asked if this could be a side affect of the Lupron. When I checked I saw that it could be as Lupron affects the bodies absorption of calcium which can cause muscle aches and pain. That was just what I needed so that I could start getting ready for self-pity.

I have to take a pill that replaces the thyroid hormones, but its absorption is affected by calcium;

But since the thyroid is gone, it messes up calcium levels in the body, so I have to take calcium supplements;

The Lupron restricts absorbing calcium so I might not have enough calcium in my system and thus muscle aches;

So, I need more calcium, but not too much or at the wrong time…

It is like a round robin of pills or a catch 22 situation. I was getting primed for a bit of despair and so mentioned it to Karen. She looked at me and said “Don’t worry we will work this all out”. Well, I thank God for that reminder that I am not facing this alone. I have a supportive and understanding wife. But I also have a caring and faithful God who will be with me throughout the whole thing. It is also nice to realize that He is not confounded by the situation as we are since He designed and created the human body and all its interactions. There goes the warrant for despair and self-pity. I am still uncomfortable and have taken some Tylenol and gotten up to write this so as not to disturb Karen with my tossing and turning.