I’m not the only one with needs

It is 6:45 on a cold dark morning and I am on my way home from another blood test. Blood tests have become a normal and frequent part of my life as doctors have to monitor cancer activity and medicine levels for two different cancers in two different areas. I found myself having some less then positive feelings for a doctor, a friend, who could have addressed both these things in their early stages. As I began to focus too much on my upset, the Lord sort of nudged me to think about some of the difficulties my friend is going through in his own family. I argued a bit that his problems do not make mine any easier. God’s response was that my resentment does not make my situation any easier either. So, a compromise was reached. When I am traveling home from procedures and starting to feel upset with my former doctor, I will begin to pray for my friend and his family. That made the rest of the short drive better and gives me a sense of peace and purpose.