An answer to prayer

We met with the urologist today to discuss the results of the MRI. They were three main points in the report. He started off very upbeat talking about points number one and three. But he became much more sober as we talked about the second point. It seems the tumors growth into the muscle was a real significant thing. If they did surgery and took the conservative route to protect the muscle, they would have to leave in some of the cancerous tissue. This means I would then have to have radiation therapy to deal with it. If they took a more aggressive route to get all of the cancer then they would have to cut out big chunks of the muscle. This wouldn’t guarantee getting all the cancer, but it would certainly make significant side effects that would be very life altering. His advice because of the progress of the cancer, the necessity of radiation therapy anyway, and my age was to just skip the surgery and move to hormone and radiation therapy. I was quite happy to think of this as an answer to prayer because I was going to avoid surgery. I was a little bit less happy to think that it was because the cancer was more advanced than we had thought.

I was a little bit down because of this whole seesaw of emotions end every time it seemed something was figured out, the next thing we knew was that it was all changing. As I reflected, I realized there is only one great constant in life and one thing that we can consider a surety. ‘It is appointed to man once to die and after that the judgment.’ The great assurance and hope is that Jesus has taken my judgment upon himself and I am forgiven. Thus, after death, which is a certainty, I look forward to eternity with him.