Just when we thought we knew what was happening…

The initial reading of the MRI shows that there is NO cancer spread into the lymph nodes or the bone. There is a big spot where the tumor is intruding on a muscle. We have not had the consultation with the surgeon yet (that is 10 Nov), so we don’t know all the implications of that. Surgery is scheduled for 14 Dec.

 We had a good time on Halloween. About80 bags of candy and almost 100 hotdogs given out. That means about 200 people came by. This year lots of younger children and their parents. There is a good church about 2 blocks from our house, so we asked their permission to put an invitation from them into all the bags. There were lots of good conversations as well.

 We are planning on doing Thanksgiving. I asked 3 of the younger Turkish leaders who had been my students for their thoughts, and they are all for having it. So, we will move ahead for now.

I often get asked how I am doing emotionally. I do have to admit that I am not looking forward to surgery. This one will be more complex than the previous two, the time after surgery will be more difficult, and there are more possible side affects to deal with. Plus, I am on the verge of feeling good and being active again and the idea of anesthesia and a 4-6 week recuperation period doesn’t fill me with happy anticipation. We will have to curtail some of our normal Christmas activities.

 I was talking with Karen last night about the cancers and death. I said that I may be knocking at death’s door but I am not planning on going through it soon.  Afterwards I had some thoughts about it. First, it is not death’s door, it’s Heaven’s Door. Death is merely the entryway to the door that opens to life in all its fullness. Secondly, it is really not up to me when I am going to pass through it. All I can do is look at each day as a new gift from God and seek to make the best use of it for Him.