The story keeps getting better?

I visited the urologist  and he confirmed there was reason to be concerned and scheduled me for a biopsy. Today I received the biopsy report on my prostate and out of 12 samples 11 indicated cancer. 3 different kinds, the most prevalent one was advanced and aggressive. Next is an MRI on 3 Nov to see if the cancer has spread into lymph nodes or bones. If it is contained, then I will have surgery to remove everything.

2020- 5 types of cancer, 3 surgeries, I am beginning to feel like an old boat that is being renovated from stem to stern. I was asked if I am feeling anxious, not really. Cancer and surgery are just about life or death and that is all in God’s hands. I have had a life full of joy and blessings that before the Lord intervened in my life and I became a Christian I never could have anticipated. Living continues those joys, the transition of death leads to greater joy as I am fully in His presence for eternity.  The only down part is another surgery.

The 2 thyroid surgeries and radiation therapy were highly successful. I am starting to get my strength back, my mind is clearing up so I can focus and concentrate, my chemical levels are starting to balance again (although I take a myriad of pills every day), and even my sense of taste is returning. I was starting to feel ready and able to get seriously busy again. This next operation will be about 1 ½ hours long and have a 4 to 6 week recuperation. I find this frustrating and unappealing.  But even this is in God’s hands. We are hoping for this to be at the end of November. So, as my friends pray and God works, it will be exciting to see the lessons He has for me in all this and the next steps He is preparing me for.

We have received visits from several Muslim friends. One expressed appreciation for the updates re surgeries. He was impressed with how much confidence I had in God. He showed them to some friends and told them “You say Christians don’t really trust in God; I have a friend who is a Christian who trusts in God more than Muslims do.”  I observed to Karen that it is rewarding to influence a Christian friend to witness, but it is even more amazing to have your Muslim friends witnessing to other Muslims about our hope in Christ.