What a strong guy I am, maybe…

I received many commendations for the healthy attitude I expressed in the face of these difficult circum-stances. Of course, I wrote them and prepared in other ways for death because I was facing all the uncertain-ties of surgery and cancer.

After the crisis began to settle down I began to reflect and wonder about 2 questions:

First. Aren’t the things that I expressed the normal perspective a believer should have all the time? Why isn’t everybody else thinking like me?

Second and harder, now that I am past the crisis of surgeries and basking in the Doctors assurances that Thyroid Cancer is so curable; am I still living with the same perspectives?

The problem is… Before the surgeries I was thinking of the heightened potential to soon be in the presence of the Lord. Now the potential for it being soon SEEMS to be less. But maybe instead of using circumstances to determine our attitude, we should be thinking about a certain reality – We will, at a time of His choosing, be ushered into His eternal presence. If we could live in light of that, Oh my, what an impact it would have on our lives.