I’m still here?

As I began to regain consciousness after my surgery and saw I was in the recovery room I confess to a twinge of disappointment. I thought about what I would not be enjoying in Heaven yet. But then I realized that the hope and reality were still before me. I also thought of the privilege of continuing the joys of family, friends, and all the blessings of my life. I was also impressed with the responsibility of serving, loving, and seeking God’s glory since He had chosen to extend my life.

The surgery was successful. There was no cancer. The mass had more than doubled in size during the 3 month delay caused by the covid shutdowns. It was about the size of the surgeon’s fist. There was no evidence of it from the outside, that is why so many things inside the neck were squished and pushed out of place. Because of the size, the surgery was longer, there was a larger incision, more anesthesia, internal and external bruising, more pain, and a longer recovery time. That is why I didn’t feel up to doing an update yesterday. I have been humbled and encouraged by the many expressions of prayer and appreciation during this time.

There remains healing, keeping a good attitude in dealing with discomfort, regaining my voice, and testing to see if the left half of the thyroid will compensate for the loss of the right or if I will need supplement therapy.

We look forward to renewed strength and health so that we might continue to serve God and you during the time he gives us.

On a side note, today is Karen’s 71st birthday.