The First Surgery

Wednesday morning I arrive at the hospital at 8AM for surgery at 9AM. The hour and a half procedure will definitely remove the right side of the thyroid gland and the large mass attached to it. Hopefully there will be no indication of cancer or involvement of the left side which would require more stuff removed. The goal is to allow my trachea which as been shifted out of place and squashed to about 1/3 of its size to return to normal. This will help with breathing and should reduce sore throats and coughing. The surgery will be close to vocal cords and because of the size of the mass the incision will be larger then normally done for this procedure.

 I was asked if I was nervous about this and I could honestly say ‘No, whatever happens, either way I come out a winner’. Although, as great as our hope is, I think there might still be a few things to accomplish yet. But, Karen & I would appreciate your prayers for Dr. Yen and his surgical team and for our joy in whatever the Lord’s will brings our way.